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Matters Needing Attention In Rice Milling Machine
Aug 17, 2018

1. Before brown rice enters the hopper, check whether there is any metal and stone, so as not to damage the grinding wheel.

2. After whitening, pull out the front rotating block and clean up the rice sugar in the residue whitening room so as not to affect the accuracy of the sample.

3. The whitening accuracy should be determined by the variety of brown rice. The suitable number of low-precision samples is 17-18g, and the whitening time is a little shorter; the suitable number of high-precision samples is 20g, and the whitening time is a little longer.

4. When the machine is used for a long time and after grinding high moisture brown rice, the rice bran bonding grinding wheel affects the whiteness, the grinding wheel can be removed by the plate hand, and the bran powder can be brushed off with a steel wire brush, and then the rice bran can be loaded back as original.

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